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Jan 11, 2021

Want to make more money in your business, but don't know how? There are often 3 culprits that cause this problem for us and end up holding us back from moving forward in our business (and lives). These 3 things can be sneaky and sometimes creep up on us without us even realizing what's happened! 

They totally did with me and so I'm sharing with all of you as well incase you find this helpful, too.

  1. Imposter Syndrome. Ever feel like someone is going to think your a fraud and call you out? It's crazy talk, right? It's not true. Yet, every entrepreneur (especially women) have experienced it, myself included. It's so maddening! It has us questioning everything about ourselves and leaves us in a feeling of unworthiness. This low vibe ends up having us creating and sharing less. We aren't serving our people because we're worried someone will say exactly what we've been telling ourselves: that we're not good enough. It's a crazy cycle and one that needs to end because that internal narrative is just not true (and it is all in our minds).
  2. Selling Too Much. Is that a thing? When your money mindset is poor and you don't provide any value, yes. But, I know you give value and help -- so why would you feel bad about an exchange of money in order to help people more deeply? Online feeds move so fast nowadays. It's not possible to assume that EVERYONE has seen what you posted on any given day. Some may see things days or even weeks later -- if at all. Your people who love you and your vibe will want to see everything you create. Those that don't can binge your free content.
  3. Overthinking your prices. OMG, I did this for years. I kept thinking that if I charged what I wanted, no one would buy from me. This lead me down a route of undercharging, working exhausting hours, and extending the life of my side hustle. Not the vibe. The thing I didn't understand is that undercharging doesn't equal more sales. Ever. It just ends up leaving you resentful about what you're doing and burnt out. That kind of energy isn't sustainable or one you want to play in. When you charge the value of what you provide your client and feel good about it, the reward for both parties is equal and leads to a much happier result.

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