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Jan 25, 2021

One thing that a lot of you struggle with when it comes to your style is disconnect -- that missing piece in your closet that makes you feel next-level when you get dressed in the morning.

You may get dressed in the morning and really like your outfit, but when you really take a better look in the mirror, you don't feel like you're nailing the vibe you were hoping for.

Sound familiar?

This can often lead us to feeling like we're struggling with our style or like we need to shop in order to find a new piece that will bring back that special feeling we once had with our wardrobes.

Or will it?

Embodiment in our clothing is a really way to close the gap and make us feel more purposeful in our closets and style. It will help us get excited about what we see in the mirror and feel the possibilities ahead of us! That's truly the power of style. But, we have to intentionally call that in, which is what we're exploring today in the latest Rise Through Style podcast episode.

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