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Apr 27, 2020

What's the most important thing when it comes to your style and calling in your next-level woman? Vision. 

I’m going to share with you my top tips on how you can clarify yours, and why it’s so important.

  1. Gives you focus
    Ever tried to re-decorate a space in your home? Sean and I have been going through this after our recent move last summer. But before buying, we put together a vision that we had for our home. We choose colours, a vibe, put together a mood board and then began sourcing pieces based on this. Makes sense, right? Yet, despite knowing that logic – most people never apply this to their closets. Basically what we’re doing is similar to going to the furniture store, buy the first things you see on sight, and bring it all home and expecting it to work well in your living room. Not going to happen. Your vision will help keep you focused on what you want when shopping or putting outfits together – taking the impulse out (hopefully) and having you put together outfits that are setting you up to feel good.
  2. Keeps you feeling good
    I always tell my clients that it’s not about the clothing, but how the clothing makes you feel. This is SO important. If you’re clothing doesn’t feel good, it will affect your body-image, impact your self-talk and overall make you feel like a sack of potatoes. Not the vibe we want. Instead, putting together outfits that are based on our vision, keeps us excited, elevated, and feel good during the day. This will influence our productivity, our confidence, and how we show up in our relationships.
  3. Keeps you high-vibe with your eyes on your goals. When our style has us feeling elevated, you’re filled with energy that makes you focus on possibilities. You step into the bigger version of yourself because you’re feeling happier and feel like what you’re seeing in the mirror is an authentic representation of who you are; and who you’re becoming. How can you not feel excited about that? When we’re in this zone, it makes us want to pursue other avenues and goals that make us feel good. It helps boost our confidence enough so that we may chase that next big idea, or speak up at the next big meeting.
  4. Avoids shopping mistakes. Having a vision in mind that speaks to you (and a shopping list) will help you drop that sparkly top that caught your eye next time you go shopping and can help you drown out “advice” from peers.

So how do we find our vision?

  • Get quiet. Find a spot in your home for 10-15 minutes. Bring a paper and pen (cuz, stationary nerd). Think about your dreams and goals right now. Maybe it’s career oriented, income oriented, body focused – whatever. Now, imagine that your goals have come true. I want you to call in how that feels. Really call in how it feels now that your goals have come to fruition and you’re living your dream. Now, think about who you are in that state. Think about that woman you’ve become to get to this point. What is she like? What does she embody? How does her day unfold? Now, let’s talk about her closet. What kind of things do you see her wearing? What lights her up? From here, write down any images or key words that you would use to describe her style. From here, now you can use those key words to create your physical version of that using images. It’s so exciting!

Welcome to Rise Through Style; a podcast for women stepping into their next-level selves by styling their lives, businesses, bodies, and closets. I’m Christie Ressel, image consultant, CEO, and media style expert. I help women embrace their bodies, take ownership of their desires, and create an authentic style that represents who they are.  I’m here to provide you with guidance and inspiration to help you rise to your highest and best through style.

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