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Aug 18, 2020

Ever wonder how to become a personal stylist? I'm sharing my story and journey with you as to how I got into this field, as well as tips on how you can get started also. 

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Tips to get started

1. Get training. This is what separates you from the pack. It's not just about dressing someone in the latest trendy look or putting together a cute outfit. It's about creating an authentic image that represents the individual, their shape, lifestyle, vision, and helping them step into the realm of possibilities.

2. Get ready to work. So many think this is a fun trip to the mall. Ugh, no. If you think that about your business, you'll get nowhere. That's the unsexy truth. You have to be ready to show up, put in time, energy and be consistent when getting started. 

3. Come from a place of service. One of the privileges you get to have as a stylist is being a witness to someone's transformation. It's a beautiful. It's heart-warming. It's the good stuff. Always ask how you can go the extra mile or be of service and help to those you are working for. A simple thing, but lots of people ignore this step.

4. Get your name out there. In business, you have to make yourself visible. If people don't know you exist, they can't pay you. Period. You have to push yourself to find ways to talk to your ideal client so that you can help your business grow.