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Aug 31, 2020

Want to know how to take your image to the next level in business or your personal style? 

How-to create your personal style:

How-to style your body shape:

  1. Fabrics
  • Fabrics play a bit role in up levelling your image.
  • Ideally, you want to select fabrics that are not only a higher quality, but also compliment your body-shape.
  • For example, draping, flowing fabrics works really well on women with curve. Why? The fabric cascades down the body really nicely. They follow the lines of the body and don’t compete. I show examples of this in my body-type course.
  • But, choosing a higher grade fabric also elevates your energy. There’s a metaphysical aspect to it. This is why I love elevated or designer brands – the quality is better.
  1. This is a massive one. When you get something that fits your body well, you look more expensive. Period. End of story. Why? Cuz it looks like you’re wearing something custom for your body. When something fits you just right – you really stand out. I tell women, if you aren’t willing to alter a piece to make it fit you just right – WHY are you buying it? You’re wasting your money. I don’t care if it’s a thrift find or was $2. Is something a score at $2 because the quality is amazing? No? Then why are you buying it? Sometimes, a $2 shirt looks like a $2 shirt…and if the fit is off on-top of that….yikes.
  • Celebs on the red carpet look SO good, including the guys because things are custom done for them. Not that something needs to be expensive, but when the fit is really nailed, you look like a million dollars. Fit is also important cuz it makes your body-image and self talk flip to the positive. Ever wear something that fits you exactly the way you want? You strut. Smile. Feel confident. It’s worth it.
  1. You need wardrobe basics in timeless cuts to elevate your look. Rather than the basic white tee you hear, I think it’s good to focus on business casual basics. Here me out; These hero's integrated into your closet, when mixed with dressy or casual items, really take things to the next level: trousers, wide-leg pants, blouses, blazer, heels, good bag, etc. Do it in a shot of colour to make it pop? Even better.

  2. Don't have grubby footwear. One way I’ve made myself more mindful of this is to invest in my shoes. Not only does it make me feel a little special to wear an investment shoe, but because I”ve spend more money on it, I take better care of it. 

Welcome to Rise Through Style; a podcast for women stepping into their next-level selves by styling their lives, businesses, bodies, and closets. I’m Christie Ressel, image consultant, CEO, and media style expert. I help women embrace their bodies, take ownership of their desires, and create an authentic style that represents who they are.  I’m here to provide you with guidance and inspiration to help you rise to your highest and best through style.

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