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Oct 26, 2020

There’s one important thing you must do if you want to evolve your style.

Something that I know you know to-do, but you already dread and put off for ‘another time’ thinking it’s no big deal…or that it doesn’t impact much.

The closet purge.

Leaving you thinking you’ll have nothing left!

But, required.

Believe it or not, NOT doing it will hold you back.

How to Style Your body:

Welcome to Rise Through Style; a podcast for women stepping into their next-level selves by styling their lives, businesses, bodies, and closets. I’m Christie Ressel, image consultant, CEO, and media style expert. I help women embrace their bodies, take ownership of their desires, and create an authentic style that represents who they are.  I’m here to provide you with guidance and inspiration to help you rise to your highest and best through style.

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