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Jun 22, 2020

What is one of the biggest mistakes women make in business and style? Today we're going to explore the power of investing in yourself. 

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  1. You’re not sacrificing your sanity. Information from different free sources can create confusion. You hear too many things that don’t necessarily apply to you. So, you’re left with endless routes and possibilities and almost become crippled from not knowing where to turn next. Clarity creates confidence. Knowledge equals power.
  2. Investing in yourself creates confidence – you no longer feel lost. You have the information that applies to you to move forward powerfully and with intentional action. Buying the wrong things for your style, for example creates confusion, it prays on your body-image, which can filter into other avenues of your life. Bad body image can destroy relationships and how we show up in the world because we’re coming from such a low vibe.
  3. You’ve got skin in the game. You’re more committed to make change happen. I paid $15,000 for my very first coach. I was terrified because I didn’t have all of that money and I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it happen. But, because it was such a terrifying investment for me at the time, I figured it out and made it happen. It held me accountable and propelled me to get my butt in gear.
  4. You can’t ask for what you’ve never paid for. In business, you can’t ask for a fee you’ve never paid for yourself – it just doesn’t make any sense because you have no idea what that’s like for your customer, the energy, nothing. It’s a great way to up-level your energy and see what it’s like from the customer experience.
  5. You’re worthy of it. This ties into the first point, but a lot of people don’t think they are worth investing in. That’s bull. Everyone deserve to feel worthy and invest in themselves. It increases your confidence when you’re learning a new skill – whether style (cuz yes, that is a skill) or business related. Do mirror work. “I am worthy”

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