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Jul 11, 2022

Are you a stylist with large aspirations for your business, but perhaps the clients and money are not ushering their way over to you with as much ease and flow as you were hoping?

I hear online all of the time how a former stylist left the industry because she wasn’t making any money or just making enough to scrape by but was working around the clock.

That’s not how it’s meant to be.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be divinely compensated for your gifts, have an overflow of money, clients, and the fulfillment of running your heart-centered styling business? YES! It gets to be that way.

In today’s podcast episode, I’m sharing why you may not be making money as a stylist and what you can do about it. These were pitfalls I did when beginning my career, and once I released them, my income jumped (I now pinch myself that I’ve generated well over $1 million in sales as I stepped into being a Style CEO).

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