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Aug 5, 2020

A MUST when levelling up your image? Commitment.

  1. It’s a decision to show up for ourselves. A choice. There’s a really powerful energy that we send to ourselves and the universe when we decide to stick with a decision to be the best version of ourselves we can be.
  • Think of exercising. We may not always want to-do it, but you never regret the workout when you’ve done it. You actually feel pretty good. Why? Because you kept that promise to yourself. It products confidence in yourself.
  • Same with sticking to your style. If you try something only every so often, you’ll get watered-down results or NO results. You didn’t really try it. You didn’t commit. This is where women often feel stuck because they haven’t put the work in too feeling good and trying to figure out what makes them feel good in their closet. This continues to lead to poor shopping choices and low self-esteem and body image because what we see is not who we are.


  1. You’re not always going to want to feel like it. That’s the unsexy truth. There will be days where style sometimes feels like work. You may be tired, busy, etc. However, one of the things I teach in my Vibe Up program is how to create some really killer outfit formulas based on your next-level woman and style vision that you can throw on because you know they work. It’s some easy go-to outfits that make you feel polished and cute, without sacrificing your commitment to yourself.


  1. When you create a habit through commitment, what initially feels challenging or like work, eventually becomes second nature, even fun! Imagine enjoying your style? Feeling creative? Fun? An exercise in playing with all of who you are?
  • Style allows us to show all of the different sides to who we are: edgy, boss, romantic, boho, casual, vintage, androgynous, feminine, etc. You get to be all of those things.
    - when we exercise that muscle, eventually, it becomes second nature

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