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Apr 26, 2021

Ever wonder what makes some women so successful? What they do in their spare time or maybe even how their day unfolds? The beautiful thing about success is that it leaves clues. There are certain habits that all successful people, or in this case, women, have done time and time again that serve them and show up as results in their businesses.

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Let's cover the habits of success women today.

  1. Working on their mindset daily. Successful/Entrepreneurs people know that mindset and how we view the world is everything. In order to be successful, you have to view the world filled with possibility and opportunity. So, pick up personal development books, listen to podcasts, self-coach, get a mentor, or join a mastermind to help shift your mindset to one of success.
  2. Successful entrepreneurs prioritize their self-care and health. They know that energy is their currency. Energy can only be created by fuelling their body properly, giving back to themselves with daily self-care, and movement.  Want high energy (both vibrationally and output)? Take the time to create it.
  3. Dress as your future success. If you get dressed, you feel better. When you dress as the future version of yourself, you step into their energy. You're helping yourself embody the actions, mentality and mindset of that person. Go ahead, try it for 7 days and tell me you don't feel a shift!
  4. Successful women are surrounded by like-minded people. They carefully curate the people around them. Debby downers are a drain on energy and think small. You want big picture people around you to see more of what is possible! If you don't have that in your immediate circle, see what other communities you can join online or nearby that can help you.
  5. Successful people create boundaries. You'll never be able to push the needle forward by serving everyone else before yourself. Setting boundaries between work and play, when people can connect with you, or when you tackle certain projects shows a healthy respect for your desires, self, and shows how people can treat you.